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Follow our 4 steps instructions below to guide you when booking a wedding shoot with us or better still head to our contact us page

Step 1: Booking

When you are convinced about our service, we will sign a simple agreement with a final date. You then pay a £250 booking fee (deductible from the final fee and non refundable deposit). with all necessary paper work completed.

Step 2: The Plan

Get to know the members of your families and bridal party.

​Venue visit with you to gain some ideas  and theme of the shots. 

Step 3: The D Day

I will start with detail shots of “the dress”, flowers and shoes, general preparatory shots and the bridal train etc.

 We will capture all the special moments of the day. We will work with your priest/Vicar or pastor and MC to produce perfect unforgettable moments.

 We will also work with any member of your family or bridal group that you have appointed to be uncharge of the day to capture any extra but necessary shots. 


 After the ceremony just before the reception party, we will locate the nearest park or nearest landmark to capture the bridal party alone (outdoor shot)

Step 4: After D day

 With your consent I will put a preview of images on my Facebook business page within a couple of days for you and your guests to enjoy, then get to work editing.

 I will produce mostly colour with some black and white digital images. All images will be individually edited, cropped, retouched, colour balanced and saved on a presentation USB as high resolution images or uploaded to your google cloud. You will have full access rights to the photos but I retain the copyright to avoid reselling them.

 I will contact you when the USB is ready, I will then post it to you.

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